Like boarding, only better!

In home care means your pet will be in his or her home environment with all of his or her toys, beds, familiar smells plus your pet will have our company all night as we stay over, and we try and stick to your routine where possible.  It is the stress-free alternative to pet care for your best friend.  We treat your home as if it is our own; we provide our own food, and we even do light housekeeping including garden watering.  Don't forget we are FULLY insured, and this includes your home too.  Pet care with free home security; now that's a bargain.

  • What's included:

  • Overnight stay
  • House security
  • A lunch time toilet visit
  • Cage, litter tray, hutch cleaning
  • Light house cleaning
  • Pet related errands*
  • We can also:
  • Bring in post and/or milk
  • Water plants
  • Put out / bring in bins

This service is extremely bespoke and we require as much notice as possible so don't delay, email us today for a quote.

Prices start at £40 per day for up to two dogs and 4 small animals.

Away for more than 7 days?  Ask about our over 7-day discount (overnights only).

Likely to run out of fresh food, litter or hay? No problem. We will go shopping or collect for you (within reason).

Own more pets?  We offer multi-pet discounts.


Book your FREE "Holiday pet care in Maidstone" Meet-n-Greet today and find out just how much we can offer you and your best friend.


Please note.  Your pets health and well-being is of great importance to us so we insist on visiting all cats and small animals (fish, insects, and reptiles not included) at least once in every 24 hour period and all dogs every 4 hours, please do not ask us to do any less as we hate saying no.

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