What do you do with your little critters when you go on holiday? Just because they have fins or fit in the palm of your hand doesn’t make them any less important to your family.

It would be great if everyone had a reliable neighbour or family friend who could pop round, but sadly in this busy day and age, we don’t all have that luxury.  No problem, Poppy and Pals Pet Care is here to help.  

When we say we cover all pet sitting needs, we really do mean ALL pets, so don’t be afraid to check if we will care for your pet. If we have never looked after your special species, we love a challenge and are always willing to learn!

  • Included in our visits
  • Feeding
  • Water changes
  • Cuddles
  • Cage, hutch, litter tray or coop cleaning

Prices start at £10 per visit.  Multiple small animal discount available.

Our visits last 20 – 40 minutes typically. If you have many pets and care requires a longer stay we are happy to oblige just contact us today for a quote.

And what is even better is we check on your home too, turning lights on and off, bringing post or milk in, watering plants and putting bins out is all part of the service.  No one need ever know you aren’t home!

So if you are contemplating a holiday and worried about the smallest members of your pet family, why not check out our Pet Sitting Services in Maidstone and Kent today.

CONTACT US today so you can book your holiday!