Let's go walking...

All dogs need exercise to keep them healthy in mind and body!

All dogs are evaluated carefully to pick their perfect walking buddies, but if your pooch isn’t happy walking in groups, we are happy to walk them individually.

We, like you, want your pet to be transported in style and comfort.  All dogs are secured in a crate, our boot or attached using a car harness and seat belt clips.

We use pillows, towels, and a soft vet bed for extra comfort for your tired fur-baby. If your pet requires fun dog walking in Maidstone and Kent, our enthusiastic walker would love to discuss your dog's individual needs, so why not contact us today.

  • We guarantee
  • Fully evaluated like minded dogs.
  • Dogs are mixed slowly and in a controlled manner by our qualified trainer.
  • 100%-personalised attention!
  • Boredom busters filled, water changes and cuddles at no additional cost.
  • On or off lead.
  • Free ‘meet & greet’ for all new dog walking clients.

Group walks are £12 per dog with a 50% discount for second and third dogs walked from the same household.  All walks last 1 hour unless otherwise agreed or in extreme weather.

Solo walks are £12 per dog with a 50% discount for all dogs from the same household. All walks last 30 mins unless otherwise agreed.

Please note: Weekend and public holidays incur extra charges