What does Autumn mean to you?

dog walker in maidstone


Long crunchy leaf walks with your pooch, thick jumpers, hot chocolate?  To your dog it is more likely to mean ‘yummy’ acorns or conkers, ‘tasty’ berries and fireworks all with potentially not so nice consequences.

I know dammit we have to take the nice out of everything but as pet owners it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So here are our top five, stay the hell away froms unless you want a huge vet bill or worse.

  1. Apples.  So we dog walk in Maidstone part of the beautiful garden of England with Orchards which means apples, which means lots of tasty windfall.  Apples ferment and they especially ferment in the tummies of dogs who gorge on their fizzy goodness!
  2. Acorns, conkers and berries galore.  It’s practically a buffet of forbidden fruit out their during autumn.  For example did you know Acorns can cause Kidney disease, swallowed whole a conker could cause an obstruction and there are too many sweet and juicy poisenous berries to mention.
  3. Sticks.  Well a cheat one maybe however sticks are still just as dangerous during autumn as they are at any other time of the year.  One of my big bug bears is a stupid meme that went around a few years ago with a dog holding a stick and the caption ‘Branch Manager’…. ARGGGGGGH.  All I see is stick injuries and damaged eyes (seriously this job has ruined my sense of fun).
  4. Mushrooms and toadstools.  I hope this is an obvious one but fungus is nothing to mess around with they can be highly toxic in even small doses for dogs and people.
  5. Fireworks.  Even usually noise sound dogs can become disorientated and overwhelmed by unexpected or constant novel sounds such as those caused by fireworks.

dog walker in maidstone

Still with me?  Good.  Now go and enjoy some long crunchy leaf walks with your pooch and a nice hot chocolate when you return home.

dog walker in maidstone

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