The saying goes ‘new house, new baby’, and for most people, it’s the truth. With the extra space and the time, a new addition to the family is never far behind. For some, a new house means a new yard that is bigger than the last one and this means a new pet!

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Whether you have the kids clamouring for a new furry friend, or you have a partner looking for a four-legged running partner, it’s important to remember that the pet that you choose for your family isn’t a novelty. It’s not something fun to buy just because you have a new house. A pet, from the littlest fish to the biggest dog, is a part of the family and should be a permanent fixture. So, before you decide to invest in a new addition to the family, make sure you know what you are getting into. We’ve put together a short guide of what you need to consider before you go over to the pet store.

  • Can You Commit? You have to ask yourself whether you have the time to walk a dog twice a day. Will you remember to play with the cat every evening and not leave it locked out? Will you remember to feed the fish? Choosing a pet to join your family has to be something to commit to. You would have a baby if you couldn’t remember to feed it, and this is the very same. If you can’t commit to the demands of a larger pet, getting a fish or a budgie as a low-maintenance option can work.
  • What About Lifestyle? Do you work long hours or travel a lot with your job? If so, you need to think really hard about whether a pet is even for you. Choosing a pet based on cute factor is a mistake that a lot of people make, as these animals often end up in a shelter when people realise they don’t have the time for them.

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  • Do You Have Space? Animals with high energy, like dogs, often require more space than a cat or a fish. The equipment that you need will vary in size depending on the breed of animal you have, with possibly needing cages for dogs in the home. Checking out Aquatics World tank reviews can help you decide whether you need a full aquarium or just a standard tank for your fishy friend. Space matters and if you don’t have enough of it, you need to adjust your expectations.

Educate Yourself.

You may want to get a Saint Bernard because you’ve seen them on television, but you won’t have educated yourself on what food it needs or how much of it. Doing research into what your chosen pet needs is important. Choosing a parrot instead of a budgie, for example, is going to come with a different set of challenges, and you can read about those here to prepare yourself. Understanding the needs of an animal will help you to make a more informed choice.

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