Why our dog day care is different.

No fences, no wire, no boundaries.

Other than those in the parks and along the hedge rows.  We DON’T sit in a house, why would we when we live in beautiful Maidstone with rivers, orchards and fields.

We have limits on the dogs we take out.

We are insured to take no more than 6 dogs per walker your dog gets much more one on one time than a traditional doggy day care who generally have no limits.  I kid you not there is a local doggy day care that has photos of 30 dogs out at once.  What would happen if there was a fight?  Not to mention the recent media hype that ‘no one person can control 6 dogs’… HA! It just takes the right handler and properly assesed dogs. Professional Dog walkers Maidstone


I don’t mean your dog gets to play constantly with others I mean your dog is allowed to socialise appropriately, there is no constant over the top play, we don’t allow dogs to bully others and we absolutely do not allow dogs to dominate others.  Once you understand dog behaviour it is heart wrenching to watch some videos of unsupervised dogs that owners unfortunately see as appropriate play.

Mental stimulation.

New smells, new sounds, car travel, new friends, new people.  It all adds up to a well rounded and ultimately happier dog.  If you ran a marathon every day as your dog would if allowed to play indscriminately you would sleep well and appear tired but you wouldn’t learn anything and that one day your dog doesn’t get to run their marathon he or she will be absolutely manic.  Not to mention the damage that all that exercise can do to your pups bones, ligaments and muscles.

So how does it work?

If you are in our coverage area of Maidstone we collect your dog and deliver them home after about four hours of fun.  You cannot drop him or her off with us, we only collect.  Our service is not suitable for those who need all day care and we absolutely will not take aggressive dogs.  Your dog will be assessed for it’s suitabilty at our free initial meeting.

Ready to book?

Call or text Poppy and Pals Dog Walking and Pet Care now 07982 406682

Remember we only cover Maidstone for our fast growing, luxury doggy day care service.

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