Pets are fascinating for children

Kids love pets. It is undeniable. They can grow up with an animal companion which does wonders for them and their health for a huge glut of reasons. Yet choosing the right animal for your children can be quite a tough decision to make. They will think they know what they want yet you need to make the decision. Don’t give into pressure from them instead think about it with your partner and come to a rational decision. Remember, there are all kinds of animals you can get, some you may not have thought of. Here are some points you may want to factor into making the decision. You may have considered some of them but think the others over for the better chances of making the right decision.

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Guaranteed the first choice is a dog. It always is. And they are probably the best companions for your children. They are affectionate, caring and protective, sometimes overly so. However they also require the most attention. There are all kinds of issues that crop up. You will need to buy multiple medications, like Advecta flea & tick dog spray to ensure they stay flea free, a common concern among all dog breeds.

There will be vaccinations, trips to the vet, food, etc. From a financial point they can be draining. Yet also from a physical point. Some need two walks a day. You need to make sure your children are at the age to keep up with this, and have the mentality and responsibility towards the dog too, so they take it for walks and the like. Otherwise it will be you having to take the dogs for walks.


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Cats can be a good bet too, yet they are less affectionate than dogs, they need their own space. If you think your children will be super playful then get a kitten because they will reciprocate. Cats are good if you think the family just doesn’t have the time to go out and about walking the dogs every day or if the kids don’t have the necessary maturity to take responsibility for it. They still come needing vaccinations, trips to the vets and stuff though, so don’t think they are an overly easy option.

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Easiest way

The easiest thing to do is get something small and easy. Like a rabbit, guinea pig or hamster. You can teach a lot with these animals. Like responsibility and the like. It can be a great precursor for a bigger pet like a dog or cat. It costs minimal too, though it should be noted you will need a hutch for rabbits which usually goes in the garden. They are cuddly and loveable, being extremely popular for the younger children who are too small to take dogs for a walk and play with them. You need to be careful with what you get, because if you end up with a male and female one day you could wake up with a dozen more rabbits in the garden. Whatever you choose no that nothing comes without responsibility, there is always something but this isn’t a bad thing at all.

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